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How to setup your Membership Formula CMS
Posted by Admin Zeescripts on 09 August 2016 11:46 AM

How to setup your Membership Formula CMS –

1. Copy unzipped contents to

You’ll need your FTP Details -

FTP address:

FTP user: username

FTP password: password

2. Setup the following permissions:

/members/ to 777

/members/config/ to 777

/members/config/constants.php to 777

/members/templates/ to 777

/members/templates/* to 777

3. Create a database for the new install. Note database name, username and password.

Website: Website name

DB Name: YourDatabaseName

DB username: YourDatabaseUsername (normally the same as DB Name)

DB Password: Password

DB Host: This could be ‘localhost’ or in Godaddy, you will need the actual web address like ‘’

4. Run

- Follow on-screen instructions

- Enter Database details as per step 3 (use full path to Database for Host, not localhost for Godaddy hosting)

5. Delete install folder:


6. Change permission settings

/members/config to 755

/members/config/constants.php to 644

/members/templates/* to 644 (change back to 777 update templates)

7. Setup Cron Jobs

In Godaddy:




In cPanel:

php /FullFilePath/members/admin/cron_expand.php [minute: */10]

php /FullFilePath/members/admin/cron_expand_followups.php [hour: 12]

php /FullFilePath/members/admin/cron_send.php [minute: */5]

8. Login to

- Login with Database password

9. Setup admin settings

- Payment Options

- Set Security password


10. Create template for main page – all explanations are inside the admin itself.

- Login to

- Click on Site Design > Site Templates

- Select ‘The Main Template’ from ‘Main Site Templates’ dropdown.

11. Setup header and footer

- FTP header and footer files to /members/images/ directory

- Edit code in ‘The Main Template’ to reference header and footer

- Change BG color of table cell for header and footer to match header and footer main color.

12. Setup an index redirect

- create a file called index.php with the following content:

header (“Location: members/”);


13. Setup membership types

14. Choose whether to have sign up box on front page, and whether to have free or just paid membership (set under General Site Settings – put in the homepage.html the tag {signup_form} where you want the form to appear.)

15. Setup Auto-responder info

That’s it !

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